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To prepare for and take an AED Challenge test:

  1. Log in and click Start AED Challenge to start the program.
  2. Click Prompted Practice to work through a scenario. The yellow prompts will show you which buttons to click.
  3. The scenario will end automatically when you have completed all steps.
  4. Continue practicing by clicking Next Scenario or click Menu and then Practice.
  5. When you can score over 1,000 points click Test on the menu.
  6. When you have completed the three test scenarios click Submit scores and quit.

Detailed instructions for taking a test.


Frequently asked questions

User Guides

AED Challenge User Guide 2005 - For users and administrators. Covers the 2005 CPR Guidelines version of the AED Challenge program. (PDF)

AED Challenge User Guide 2010 - For users and administrators. Covers the 2010 CPR Guidelines version. (PDF)

New User Video - Short video that shows how to use the AED Challenge program. (Flash)

Quick start guide - A step-by-step reference to use while you practice AED Challenge scenarios.

AED Challenge Support